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AI-First Banking Technology

> yPilot launches its generative AI Platform, specifically designed for financial services. |

yPilot AI Applications

yPilot AI Applications tackle the critical challenges faced by today’s financial institutions. From Open Banking to Fraud Prevention to Compliance Management, our specialized solutions are designed to swiftly address these issues. Discover how yPilot's AI Applications can boost customer engagement, optimize costs, and enhance profitability.
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Open Banking

Embrace Open Banking with our cutting-edge financial health and analytics AI application. Help your customers truly understand their financial wellness, strengthening customer loyalty and unlocking new sales opportunities.

Don't just comply with open banking regulations, transform your approach and put your financial institution in a winning position with yPilot's innovative solutions.

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Fraud Prevention

Fraud costs North American financial institutions nearly 3% of total revenues. As fraudsters become more sophisticated, traditional fraud detection methods are no longer enough. yPilot's AI-First solutions allow financial institutions to mitigate fraud before it happens -- saving your financial institution time and money.

Stay ahead of the next generation of fraudsters with yPilot.

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Compliance Management

Financial institutions invest a staggering $10,000 per employee on compliance. yPilot’s compliance AI applications decipher over 20,000 regulatory documents, delivering accurate, immediate answers to compliance questions, timely updates on regulation changes, and actionable guidance on their impact. 

Reduce your compliance costs and focus on what matters while yPilot handles the complexities of regulatory compliance.

yPilot AI Platform

Transform your banking capabilities with yPilot's AI platform. Designed specifically for the banking industry, our platform ensures the highest levels of data privacy and security while harnessing the full power of generative AI. yPilot delivers top-tier security, compliance, scalability, and reliability, forming the backbone of our innovative AI Applications. 

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Generative AI

Excited about the potential of generative AI for your financial institution but worried about security, privacy, and compliance?

yPilot's AI Platform alleviates your concerns with robust, banking-grade capabilities. Our proprietary technology ensures your banking data stays within your organization, allowing you to leverage advanced AI models without sending sensitive data to external systems. Through our integrated monitoring layer, every interaction is transparent and auditable, giving you confidence in the decision-making process.

Harness the full potential of generative AI with a secure, compliant solution tailored to the unique needs of the banking industry.

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AI Integration Made Easy

Want to superpower your existing banking applications by embedding generative AI capabilities?

yPilot's AI Platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing banking applications. With comprehensive APIs and robust compatibility, our platform connects with your existing and third-party applications to ensure smooth and efficient workflows.

Whether you need to enhance your current solutions or build new, innovative applications, yPilot provides the platform and support to make it happen.

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Leverage All of Your Data

Do you want to utilize all of your data assets to optimize your decisions making and process efficiency?

Unlock the full potential of ALL of your data assets. The yPilot AI Platform supports multimodal capabilities (processes and analyzes multiple types of data inputs simultaneously) designed specifically for the banking industry. Our AI Platform integrates all types of data - both structured and unstructured - documents, text, images, audio, video, and more. 

Leave no data behind with yPilot's AI Platform. 

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Expert Support

Don't have the in-house expertise to get started?

Benefit from yPilot’s expert support, ensuring a smooth deployment process and ongoing business benefits. Our team is committed to helping your financial institution stay competitive and responsive to market demands, providing you with the tools and guidance needed for successful AI capabilities across your organization. 

Leverage our experts to empower your financial institution with cutting-edge technology and strategic guidance.